Februari 01, 2011

Bridesmaid Gown

Did you attend the bridal shop for your bridesmaids shop? Of course not. Here are some formal clothes are fashionable in 2011, you can use instead.
If you are looking for in a wedding catalog contains tired boring palette of pastel colors. We are no longer bound by that choice. The fact is that the draft not even all the same color again.
Also tend to vary the length of the same area. You rarely see anything other than the above-knee, below the knee and ankle length. Would not it be interesting to all who have a different length?
This is a trend that has been borrowed from the interior. Once the dining table can only be combined with matching chairs. Currently, the hottest look of the seat is not fit for a variety of colors, patterns and height.
Fun Colors
Why can not your bridesmaids wear black evening dress? What about the nuances of coffee, like chocolate, milk chocolate or maple? And what do? This will be a memorable day when the bride wore green and the bride wore a white dress.
Tony Bowl # TBE2905 design is elegant black halter dress with red flowers and pink thick at the base of a full skirt. La Femme # 15 is 130, the length of the floor design in white with black shadow and red roses on the floor.
By La Femme, # 15 137 knows it. It has a twist bandeau solid red flowers and red on the painting on fabric. # 15 306 and is white with black spots. Both funny and cheerful.
Fun Patterns
Who says you can not use 2011 evening dress with animal prints? Who says you can not a line? Who says you can not all that crazy, crazy patterns you want? This is your wedding and leave what you want.
Tony Bowls Style # TBE2925 swinging, knee-length black and white look leopard print party. And # TBE2930 is black with pink stripes, purple, pink and turquoise flowers. Both are cool spin on the norm.
La Femme # 15 228 a barbell blue sky is very unusual butterflies flutter in curious covered. And # 15 481 is a soft chiffon sheath spinning rainbow. This will add to the spirit and playfulness in your ceremony.
Fun Heights
Bride is not the only one who can step elegant train. And it's okay to show your friends, your legs. As long as they are tasteful, not with the dress over a certain length.
Clothing La Femme # 15 260 has a cute green leaf and a mini-ocean blue gemstone belt. While the official apparel Precious # P10309 is a short, funny, purple, black and white striped strapless look. Both are in spirit to add to the celebration.